What is SHIFT?

SHIFT is an acronym for “Surveying Hamilton Incomes, Future Transition”.

SHIFT is a festival in Hamilton, ON, Canada during September, 2011.

Goal 1 To provide diverse constituencies the opportunity to expand discussions surrounding the economic future of the city of Hamilton through panel discussions and the arts (visual arts, theatre, media arts, music, literary arts, dance etc.).

Goal 2: To offer the opportunity to address contemporary and future economic concerns or interests in a creative manner.

Goal 3: To showcase Hamilton as a vibrant, intellectual, cultural and involved community.

Goal 4: To create a safe space and forum for empowerment in which all voices are seen to have a stake in the economic re-imagination of Hamilton.

Goal 5: To create the opportunities for various stakeholders to present their visions of redevelopment, urban renewal and economic redefinition of Hamilton.

Goal 6: To foster collaborations between organizations, the community and the public will be fostered.

Goal 7: To provide the citizens of Hamilton with a unique artistic and educational experience.

Anyone (individual, group, collective, organization, business etc.) may participate however SHIFT reminds participants that programs must not advocate, incite or otherwise promote hatred, harassment or discrimination based on national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex or gender, sexual orientation, age, mental or physical disability.

Each participant will be responsible for funding their own project.  The SHIFT festival will function similar to the OAC Culture Day.  SHIFT will attempt to help participants by bringing artists, organizations and resources together to make your event a possibility.

SHIFT will operate as an ad hoc collective and umbrella organization to assist in the promotion and publicity of its participants’ events, via its website, calendar, poster and other social media.


2 Responses to What is SHIFT?

  1. Wesley Bates says:

    I am not able to attend your first event. However I would like to be on your info list. Presently I am president of our local arts council and I think what you are embarking on will be of interest to our community.



  2. SHIFT says:

    We will put you on our info list. Do check the website to keep updated on things too.

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