Q & A

QUESTIONS RAISED AT OCTOBER 20, 2010 community meeting

How can we get a venue for an event that we want to put on?
SHIFT will attempt to help participants by bringing artists, organizations and resources together to make your event a possibility.  Let us know what your plans are by using the website or shifthammy@gmail.com

Will SHIFT be an on going festival or a one time festival?
SHIFT will happen this September, 2011.  The word “festival” is the closest word that we could come up with to describe how we perceive SHIFT.   At this point, this is seen as a one time festival but decisions about any future festival examining or celebrating Hamilton’s economic future through the arts will be decided after the events.   There are already at least two excellent, creative festivals (Supercrawl and AGH World Film Festival) and the monthly James St. N art crawl happening in September.  This indicates the vibrant creative cultural potential for Hamilton.  SHIFT is not in competition with these festivals but a creative celebration of the economic potential for Hamilton that these festivals are part of.

How long do you propose that the events go on?
Events will happen throughout the month of September. Events may be an evening, a day, a week or for the entire month of September or longer.   The length of each individual event is up to each organization/collective to decide.

What is your ultimate dream goal for SHIFT?
SHIFT goals are listed on the website under “What is Shift” button.  Dream goals pondered in our discussions included SHIFT eventually becoming a model or template for other communities to gather together to celebrate,  examine and  discuss their own community’s economic health through the arts and symposia etc.  Hamilton is changing due in part to its economic base moving away from an industrialized city heavily dependent upon steel and manufacturing.  What it will become is unknown.

Wouldn’t it be great if Hamilton became known as one of the creative centres of Canada renowned for being a vibrant, intellectual, cultural and involved community!


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