Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts Events 126 James St. S., (905.528.4020)

On behalf of the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, this idea comes from the “Culture for Kids in the Arts, Artasia Project”. One of the main pillars of the Artasia project is to share the voices and ideas of the children of Hamilton. 550 children from 18 locations across the city have created a series of postcards “What do you love about Hamilton?  What would you change about Hamilton?” They have also created 18 10′ tall “story-telling poles” which tell fictional stories about the city. In addition to sharing the final works created by the children, their ideas and works in process were documented and made into a short film. We would like to screen this film along with the postcards and “story telling poles”. By the time the SHIFT festival rolls around, the children will also have created drawings and plans outlining changes they would like to make to their neighbourhoods, in addition to the actual execution of some of these plans. They will again be documented as they work, and will share their ideas in an audio format. We are hoping to set up listening stations in their communities across the city. We would like to provide a map at the festival so that the attendees of SHIFT can explore neighbourhoods guided by the children’s voices. Finally, throughout the duration of the festival, we would also like to document the reactions of the Hamilton community to the work of the children.  submitted by Renee Jackson

The charitable organization, “Culture for Kids in the Arts” at the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, is the lead organization for the outreach project ARTASIA.  Culture for Kids in the Arts is committed to “providing access to arts programming for Hamilton children and youth”.



SHIFT (Surveying Hamilton Income Future Transitions) is a festival in Hamilton ON, Canada during September, 2011. It gives a diverse constituency the opportunity to expand discourse surrounding the economic future of the city of Hamilton by the use of the arts (visual arts, theatre, music, media arts, dance etc.). It will showcase Hamilton as a vibrant, intellectual, cultural and involved community. A safe place and forum for empowerment in which all voices are seen to have a stake in the economic re-imagining of the city will be created. Various stakeholders will present their visions of redevelopment, urban renewal and economic redefinition of Hamilton. Collaborations between organizations, the community and the public will be fostered. CONTACT-shifthammy@gmail.com
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